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Grid connection of the facilities with total capacity over 1500+ MW has been implemented

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More than 500+ projects has been developed

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More than 30+ renewable energy business projects has been launched

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Technical due diligence was carried out

Implementation Algorithm for Alternative Energy project


Specialists of the company have knowledge and skills necessary for successful implementation of the projects

Alternative energy:

  • construction of the facilities that generate electricity / thermal energy using the alternative energy sources;


Conventional energy:

  • connection of the facilities to external power grids;
  • optimization of energy costs;
  • introduction of energy-efficient and innovative technologies.

    Energy audit

    The stage includes the following activities: analysis of the existing documents to determine the best options for project implementation and increasing its profitability.
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  • Feasibility study or Project concept design

    The stage includes the following activities: detailed study of a alternative energy project; assessment of risks and opportunities; and as a result, development of the appropriate concept for project implementation.
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  • Business plan

    The stage includes the following activities: evaluation of the main economic indicators of the alternative energy project, considering the amount of investment and payback period.
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  • General contract

    Obtaining permits, technical specifications, technical solutions, development and approval of project documentation at Oblenergo and Energosystems, facility construction
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  • Licensing and tariffs

    The stage includes the following activities: obtaining licenses for all types of business entities in energy sector; tariffs for heat / and power energy generation.
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Construction of the most facilities presumes its connection to external power grids.

Connection is divided into two types:

  • standard connection
  • non-standard connection.

"IKNET" LLC provides the full range of services for connection of both conventional and alternative energy facilities to the external power grids.

As part of the connection procedure the company:

  • performs development of a feasibility study for connection of the facility to external power grids;
  • provides services to obtain optimal technical specifications for connection of the facility;
  • provides a full range of services for development and coordination of the project activities;
  • performs development and coordination of the design work at all stages.
  • Grid connection Feasibility study

    The Feasibility Study is a pre-design work which determines optimal chart for connection of the facility to external power grids.
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  • Technical Specification

    The Technical Specification means technical requirements of the power transmission organization which are necessary to comply with for connection of the facility to the power grids.
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  • Design

    Design documentation defines urban, space-planning, architectural, structural, technical, technological solutions, as well as construction estimates that comply with the existing regulatory requirements.
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  • Automatic system for commercial measurement of power consumption

    System of data acquisition and processing that enables the sale of electrical energy.

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  • Static and dynamic stability

    Calculations of various kinds of accidents power grids to determine the stability (stable operation) of the IPS of Ukraine and generating equipment with the provision of consumers with uninterrupted power supply.

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  • Telemechanics

    Is a specialized system of equipment for the transmission of status notifications and remote control commands.

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  • Geology and geodesy

    A set of works to investigate the surface of the ground and to identify the underground networks civil engineering. The result is a topographical plan of the site.

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The highest energy efficiency is achieved by using technologies that allow generating electricity and / or thermal energy from alternative energy sources.

IKNET’s core activity is securing the "green" tariff for businesses, as well as turn-key renewable energy projects development and promotion of energy efficiency and innovative technologies.

IKNET also offers the whole range of services for the implementation of energy storage projects.

  • Energy storage system

    Storage of the electric charge for further use within the day.
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  • Net Energy Metering

    Is a concept of clean energy generation for own needs that allows for smooth renewables penetration into the grid; it is one of the technologies for Smart Grid development.

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  • Solar power plants

    The technology allows obtaining revenue from the sale by the "green" tariff of the electricity generated from solar radiation.
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  • Biogas power plants

    Application of this technology provides a possibility of obtaining the revenue from the sale by the "green" tariff of the electricity generated from organic wastes.
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  • Biomass power plants

    The technology allows obtaining revenue from the sale by the "green" tariff of the electricity generated from biomass.
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  • Wind power plants

    Technology that allows receiving profit from selling electrical power from wind energy at "green" tariff
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Electricity Market

Since 2019, any legal entity can become member of the Electricity market and participate in the sale and purchase of electricity.

IKNET offers following services to market players:

  • feasibility studies to evaluate the advantages of electricity supply as a business activity;
  • concept and structuring of an electricity supply business;
  • preparation of documents required for contracts with the Transmission and Distribution System Operators;
  • administrative follow-up of contractual relations between energy producers and the Guaranteed buyer, Market operator etc.;
  • consultancy of Clients during electricity purchase activity.