Gifts to energy workers

Discover the perfect gifts for every occasion: from useful and creative everyday accessories for engineers, installers, electricians, to exclusive and premium souvenirs for directors, heads of departments. We want every person who helps keep the lights on in our homes to receive something special and unique as a gift. Therefore, here you can find themed gifts filled with professional humor and content.

Gifts to energy workers

Wireless charger


Fast wireless charging makes charging your phone even easier and more convenient. You will no longer be bothered by tangled wires that take up a lot of space and create a mess on the table. (However, the device must support the wireless charging function of the international Qi standard.)

Price:499.00 ₴
Gifts to energy workers

Energy socks


A set of five pairs of socks that will emphasize your professional nature.

Price:599.00 ₴
Gifts to energy workers

Diary of an electric power engineer


A diary that contains useful and up-to-date information in an accessible form, including:

- current legislative norms in the field of electricity production from alternative sources (sizes of "green" tariffs, conditions for obtaining a surcharge to "green" tariffs for various energy sources);

- the structure of the New Electric Energy Market; - the algorithm for connecting objects to external electrical networks; - solar and wind stations for private households; - conditions for reducing the fee for consumed electricity;

- reference data on power transformers 10/0.4 kV. And also a lot of interesting and useful data in the energy industry.

Such information in a simple form, which will always be at hand, makes it possible not to look into the computer and not to go to the Internet, which is very convenient.

Price:399.00 ₴
Gifts to energy workers

Desktop windmill


The desktop windmill will make a good gift for your friend, colleague, child, and anyone interested in renewable energy sources and energy in general. This gift is easy to assemble and requires no power or batteries. As soon as a ray of light hits one of the solar panels, the windmill will start spinning.

Price:799.00 ₴
Gifts to energy workers

Perpetual calendar


A perpetual calendar is an interesting and original gift made from an environmentally friendly material - wood, which will

 to serve its owner exactly as long as he wants it. It will never end - it is simply impossible!

 Its construction is arranged in such a way as to remain always relevant, and the original design will emphasize individuality

 profession and will become a wonderful decoration of the workplace.

Price:449.00 ₴
Gifts to energy workers

A bottle of energy


The bottle is not intended for parties, as its volume is small. It is needed in order to have a small supply of your favorite drink with you. In the set you will find camping glasses that will allow you to share the drink with friends. A beautiful accessory that will come in handy for everyone, engraving will emphasize your professional personality. Such a present will be a practical and unforgettable gift.

Price:599.00 ₴
Gifts to energy workers

A cup of energy

Code:1008, 1009, 1010, 1011

A cup with an interesting design has always been a universal gift, both for a friend and a colleague. She will describe her owner, or rather his profession, as best as possible, briefly and with humor.

Price:299.00 ₴
Gifts to energy workers

Lamp "Plasma ball"


A plasma ball is able to attract attention for a long time with an infinite variety of forms of electricity. Wherever you touch the surface of the plasma ball, thousands of small lightning bolts will merge into a single stream of plasma to reach the point of contact. This interesting ability allows him not to remain indifferent to both children and adults.

Price:699.00 ₴
Gifts to energy workers

Impulse lighter


An electric lighter will be a useful and practical gift. It will become the recipient's indispensable companion for every day and, like nothing else, will flawlessly emphasize the owner's style.

Price:399.00 ₴

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