Organization of licensed activities

Obtaining of the license
Entering into agreement with transmission system operator and distribution system operator
Approval of the tariff
Entering into purchase-sale agreement

According to the current legislation of Ukraine, there are licenses for the following types of business activities in the energy sector:

The license terms for the implementation of these types of business activities shall be approved by the Regulator -
namely, the National Commission for State Regulation in Energy and Utilities.

Purchase and sale of electricity

The purchase and sale of electricity is carried out by the Market Operator and the Guaranteed Buyer.

The Guaranteed Buyer purchases electricity from electricity producers that are granted a "green" tariff, as well as from electricity producers at an auction price.

The Market Operator arranges the purchase and sale of electricity on the day-ahead market and the intraday market.

Energy identification codes (EICs)

If necessary, IKNET can help to create an account in LIO and obtain X, Z and W codes, as well as help with the registration of ZV points (assistance in the processing of applications for for the relevant DSO).

Contracts with TSO

IKNET will assist with the signing of the Electricity Transmission and Operational Dispatch Agreements and organize joining to the Electricity Imbalance Settlement Agreement.

IKNET offers the following services for the organization of licensed activities:
Obtaining EIC codes
Organizing the signing of contracts with TSO
Obtaining licenses for all types of economic activities in the energy sector
Obtaining a tariff for the provision of electricity/heat
Obtaining a "green" tariff for the electricity sale
Organization of work with the Market Operator and/or the Guaranteed Buyer
Organization of work on the Ukrainian energy exchange
Organization of work with the electricity supplier (trader) and the balancing group