Biogas plants construction in Ukraine

Implementation Services

IKNET Company has implemented four projects for construction of the biogas power plants operating by the "green" tariff.

The list of main services / work provided within the framework of the business projects for construction of biogas power plants:

  • Assessment of the potential of organic wastes available for biogas production, identification of the power plant capacity;
  • Development of the optimal conception for project implementation (including the development of a business plan);
  • Pre-design work (audit of existing documents, collection of the initial for the design data, feasibility study (FS), power distribution chart and so on);
  • Obtaining of the technical specifications for connection to external power grids;
  • Design work;
  • Selection and supply of main equipment;
  • Construction, installation and commissioning;
  • Putting the facility into operation;
  • Regulatory measures (obtaining a license for electricity generation, "green" tariff obtaining, conclusion of the necessary contracts for electricity sale).

Project Description

The main aim of biogas energy projects is to sale total scope of produced power energy in the Wholesale Electricity Market by "green" tariff.

The raw material for biogas generation could be any wastes capable of biodegradation (forestry wastes, agricultural, fisheries, and industrial and municipal wastes).

Technology for Production of Power Energy

Main sections of the technological chart for production of power energy from biogas:

  • source of the raw material for biogas production;
  • system of raw materials processing for biogas production;
  • biogas transportation system;
  • generation / cogeneration unit.

technology of energy production from biogas


main stages of the project execution


For Whom and Why Is This Business?
Construction of biogas plants with aim to produce and sale electricity by the "green" tariff should be primarily considered for the existing facilities of the specific field industry such as production of alcohol and beer, poultry, livestock, food production, etc.

Owners of the defined industrial facilities should consider at least
4 reasons for realization of the biogas project:

4 reasons for realization of the biogas project


"Green" tariffs for biogas PPs

"Green" tariff rate is determined by multiplication of the corresponding coefficient, set separately for biogas PP, that puts into operation in determined period of time, and shall be valid till the year 2030.

"Green" tariffs for biogas PPs

Types of the Projects

Main conditions of implementation of the projects

Power plants fired with biogas of organic and animal origin and obtained from biodegradable industrial wastes:

  • Identifying raw materials sources (fuel for power plant);
  • proximity to external power grids;
  • defining conditions of fuel supply to the power plant;
  • defining fuel storage conditions for power plant (if necessary).

Power plants fired with SDW landfill biogas:

  • assessment of the biogas potential of SDW landfill selected for power plant location;
  • reclamation of the landfill (if necessary).

Terms of operation in the Wholesale Electricity Market (WEM)

Implementation of the production and sale of electricity from solar energy is subject to obligatory licensing. The license for production of power energy, as well as the "green" tariff for each specific SPP should be approved by the National Commission for the Regulation of Electricity and Utilities (NKREKP).

Settlement of the payments for generated electricity

Payments for the electricity produced are being carried by the WEM on daily basis giving the first priority to producers that use alternative energy sources without limitation of their capacity and the volume of electricity produced.

If you are interested to pre-estimate the cost of construction of biogas PP please complete the questionnaire.