Energy business plan

A business plan is vital to attract investments in the project (bank loans, equity investors and other sources of funding).

As part of developing a business plan, we suggest the following:
  • Development of a tariff model to determine the cost of electricity/heat production
  • Determining the conditions for project implementation in accordance with the requirements of the current legislation of Ukraine
  • An overview of the markets in which generating and/or storage facilities can operate
  • Determination of the key conditions for the operation of facilities on existing electricity/heat markets
  • Formation of the project's OPEX and CAPEX
  • calculation of the main projected financial and economic indicators of the project including certain risks
  • SWOT- analysis of the project
  • Conditions for project implementation
  • Legislative incentives
  • Current markets
  • Comparison of possible scenarious
  • Optimal algorithm
Business plan
  • Tariff model
  • Conditions for operation of the facility in current markets
  • Financial and economic indicators
  • SWOT-Analysis

The result of this work is a document that sets out the preliminary financial and economic indicators of the project (budget, projected cash flows, payback period) and where the optimal scenario of implementation is determined, based on which the investor can make a reasonable decision regarding the project.



Business plan

Investments attraction


IKNET offers business plan development services for the following projects:

as well as business plans with a combination of several projects mentioned above.