Feasibility study or Project concept design

The developed concept of the project determines the initial data essential for the business plan of energy facilities, and in turn, allows to attract investment in the project.

Developed by IKNET experts, the optimal project concept includes

Consideration of possible project implementation scenarios (based on key technical and economic indicators)

Determination of the conditions for project implementation in accordance with the current energy legislation

Study of potential opportunities and risks of the project

Determination of the optimal algorithm for the project implementation, which considers the possibility of applying simplified procedures, optimization of implementation time and project costs

Evaluation of the investor’s potential and capacity that could ensure sufficient conditions for the optimal operation of the generating facility (logistics and auxiliary infrastructure)

Overview of electricity/thermal energy markets and appropriate warranties

Development of a roadmap for project implementation

A project feasibility study is developed based on the results of a pre-investment study (optimal project concept, due diligence, business plan, etc.).

A project feasibility study details the previously considered solutions, provides an analysis and evaluation of the economic prospects of the investment project for financial institutions, consumers, investors, etc.

IKNET offers services for the development of
a feasibility study,
namely feasibility study on:

Water supply and wastewater disposal
Heat and electricity supply
Financing and determination of the project budget
Assessment of environmental, sanitary-epidemiological and operational safety of the project, etc.

Also, we offer investors services for setting up an alternative energy business, which includes:

Selection of a land plot for the facility construction
Analysis of alternative energy sources potential (wind rose, solar activity, quantity and quality of biomass and biogas)
Analysis of the facility's connection to utility networks
Development of a business project concept