Project design in Ukrainian energy sector

IKNET Company provides the whole range of design services for the development and coordination at all stages of energy project:

  • implementation of pre-design work for integration of the facility with external engineering networks;
  • implementation and coordination of the design work for construction of the facilities and circuits of their connection to the external engineering networks;
  • obtaining of the positive conclusions in the respective institutions at all design stages.

Professionally exeProject design in energy sectorcuted design allows optimizing investments in construction and installation works.

Preliminary list of documents prior to the design development:

  • a copy of the document certifying the right for ownership/use of the facility or land;
  • urban conditions and restrictions;
  • technical specifications;
  • design assignment;
  • land lot surveying materials and engineering networks;
  • results of geotechnical studies within the design area.

While developing the design documentation for construction current urban planning documentation shall be considered.

According to buildings norms and state standards the class of the consequences (liability) is defined for each facility, building, structure, construction of any designation, theirs elements, linear objects of the engineering and transport infrastructure, including its constituent buildings.

Assignment of respective class to a particular project depends on the level of potential danger of such project for health and lives of people who are working on such project or living near such project and potential damages in case of destruction or interruption of operation of such project.

All construction objects can be assigned one of the following classes of consequences:

  • CC1 (objects with insignificant consequences);
  • CC2 (objects with moderate consequences);
  • CC3 (objects with significant consequences).

The class of consequences of the project is specified in the Terms of reference for project design; it is used to define the composition of design documentation.

complexity category

The expertise of construction projects is:

Mandatory for construction projects, which:

  • have moderate (CC2) and significant (CC3) consequences (issue of sanitary and epidemiological well-being of the population, ecology, labor protection, energy saving, fire, technogenic, nuclear and radiation safety, durability and reliability of buildings and structures, operational safety and engineering support, including compliance with the standards for creating an inclusive living environment for persons with disabilities);
  • are constructed in areas with complicated geological and technological conditions – in terms of reliability and durability of buildings and structures;
  • are built using budgetary funds, funds of state and municipal companies, institutions and organizations, as well as loans provided under government guarantees, if their estimated cost exceeds 300 000 UAH – in terms of the cost estimation part of the project documentation;
  • are subject to environmental impact assessment in accordance with the legislation in force - in terms of accounting for the results of the environmental impact assessment.

Optional – for facilities with insignificant consequences (CC1), except in the cases mentioned above.

Upon customer's (project owner's) decision any other project documentation or its part can be submitted to voluntary expertise. Correctness of definition of the class of consequences (liability) is checked during the design expertise, if such expertise is mandatory.
Establishment of cases and procedure for carrying out the expertise of construction projects by other laws is prohibited.

Successful experience of projects implementation in terms of grid connection of facilities, availability of qualified personnel that consists of designers and engineers allowed IKNET to create an optimal concept of development of design documentation that meets the requirements of all the approving authorities (Distribution System Operator - Oblenergo, Transmission System Operator - NEC "Ukrenergo" and other expert bodies).