Obtained another "green" tariff for electricity generated from biogas

At the regular session of NERC on 22/08/2013, "TIS Eco" Company obtained the "green" tariff at a rate of 1.61 UAH / KW • h for electricity generated at the biogas power plant.

This is the second biogas project in Ukraine which has received the right to sell all of scope of the electricity in the Wholesale Market by the "green" tariff, taking into account individual coefficient of 2.3. The first such project has been implemented by LNK Company in Boryspil district, Kyiv region.

Since 2009 "TIS Eco" Company implements the project of construction of 200 kW power plant at the solid domestic wastes landfill in Mariupol of Donetsk region.

In 2012 "EC NET" Company have been invited to project implementation with purpose to develop and perform organizational activities for its further realization. Among other things, "EC NET" Company have performed calculations to determine the prime cost of electricity production, as well as prepared all the necessary documents for approval of the "green" tariff for electricity by NERC. Currently, the works on preparation and concordance of the documents required for operation of "TIS Eco" Company in the Wholesale Market are under implementation. As a result, the company will operate by the "green" tariff approved by NERC as producer of electricity from alternative energy sources.