Six solar power plants with a total capacity of 60.5 MW

Project description:

Full pre-investment technical audit of operating solar power plants in Dnepropetrovsk, Kherson and Vinnytsia regions.


Scope of IKNET: technical audit (due diligence) of existing solar power plants:

  • analysis of permit documentation (initial data for design, contract for connection to electricity networks and Technical conditions;
  • permits for the start of construction and commissioning of the facility, documentation for the sale of electricity);
  • site conditions (geodesy, geology);
  • analysis of design solutions and used equipment;
  • guarantees of the EPC contract, suppliers of panels and inverters;
  • O&M contract - suitability guarantee, scope of work, responsibility;
  • reports on operation - statistics of malfunctions, use of spare parts (SPTA), activation of guarantees;
  • compliance with labor protection and environmental standards during operation;
  • analysis of the financial model;
  • inspection of the object with a visual technical inspection, thermal imaging using a drone and measurement of volt-ampere characteristics.