Power plant on biomass with a capacity of 12.5 MW (Borodyanka, Kyiv region)

Construction of biomass power plant in Borodyanka, Kyiv region. The power plant's capacity is 12.5 MW. The use of wood waste is assumed as a biomass.

Works executed by IKNET:

a business model of the project "Construction of a biomass power plant with an estimated total electric capacity of 12,500 kW located in the Borodyansky district of the Kiev region" was developed.

In the framework of this business model the following was fulfilled:


  • the conditions for the implementation of this project have been determined in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine on the "green" tariff, taking into account new requirements for the local component for biomass power plants;
  • investigated markets for the sale of electricity generated by the biomass power plant, as well as related guarantees;
  • the working conditions of electricity producers from alternative sources in the wholesale market are considered;
  • the forecasted financial and economic indicators of the project are determined taking into account certain risks;
  • SWOT analysis of the project was carried out.

Based on the developed business model, optimal solutions for the concept of project re-implementation is proposed.