The biogas collection and utilization system for electricity production at the Chernigov Solid Household Waste Landfill

Construction of a generating plant with a capacity of 800 kW for electricity production from biogas at an existing solid domestic waste landfill in Chernigov.

Works executed by IKNET:

  • an audit of the project was conducted to further connecting of the generating unit to the power grid and putting the facility into operation, taking into account the further sale of generated electricity to the WEM at the "green" tariff;
  •  identified inconsistencies in the submitted documents and provided recommendations for making the necessary corrections for the further implementation of the project and achieving its main goal - to receive revenue from the sale of electricity at a "green" tariff in the WEM;
  • elaborated an optimal scenario of the project implementation for the successful organization of the licensee operation at the WEM and, accordingly, the sale of the electric energy produced by the generating plant to the SE "Energorynok", according to the "green" tariff.;