Industrial park (Big Dymerka settlement, Kiev region)

The construction of an industrial park on the land near the settlement Bolshaya Dymerka, Kievskaya obl. The area of ​​the land plot is 105.0 hectares.

Works executed by IKNET:

  • an audit of engineering communications of  the land plot was carried out.

Within the framework of the audit, the following engineering communications were analyzed:

  • existing electric networks and development of possible options for connecting an industrial park to external grids;
  •  possible options for heat supply;
  •  possible options for gas supply;
  •  availability of groundwater and its quality to determine the feasibility of water supply;
  • possible options for the implementation of drainage.

As a result of the quality audit of the facility, the optimal options for realizing the provision of an industrial park with all necessary engineering communications with an estimation of capital investments were determined.