Purchase power engineer notebook for special price 300 uah

Offer value from 10 to 30 of June 2016

Our company is developing interesting and useful material   - Power Engineer Notebook. This is undated notebook, which contains relevant information in an accessible format,  particularly:

  • the legislation in the field of electric energy producing from alternative sources ("green" tariff values , Ukrainian equipment  levels of use);
  • algorithm of connection to external power grids;
  • conservation zones;
  • scheme of energy units conversion and other.

The Notebook can be a great assistant for corporate executives, project managers, designers, professionals, which develop a business plan for the power station construction that will run on "green" tariff and so on.

Contacts for purchasing:
+38 050 441 70 20


Energy diary bookcoverInformation about the conditions of getting allowance to the green tariffInformation about advantageous conditions of the electric boiler application for businesses and consumersInformation about the size of green tariff and guarantees of green power sales