Ukrainian energy market

The Ukrainian energy market is changing rapidly. On the number of investors who visit our country we have no one to compare with. Investors attentively listen our experts, which explain how to implement energy projects in our country. In fact, we share experiences.

When they ask questions about the algorithm of implementing the investment project, our experts give advises to possible partners. The largest information block is the regulatory issues. This mean that we explain how, from the point of view of procedural part, it is faster to start to get a positive result at the end of the project. In any case, the positive result of any project is profit receiving. Desire and financial resources of our potential partners, and our desire - is only the part of the opportunities that are available. The investor does not want to waste time, which costs money.
Therefore, after listening to a long "lecture" on the implementation of the algorithm, investors draw the conclusions. The conclusions are not always positive. The way out of this situation is the one - we need the assistance from the State. This assistance should be expressed in simplifying of the scheme of the energy projects implementation. It is desirable to create and initialize national-level programs to support the implementation of energy projects

For comparison, below, we show programs that have been successfully implemented. For example, a program that aims to develop of solar energy, according to which official organizations of USA work on the ground of solving of the problems of the energy market of their country.

Information from site of Ministry of Energy of USA.

DOE - U.S. Department. Initiative "SunShot"

Program target – promotion of solar energy to 2030 "SunShot".

The “SunShot” program is working towards new solar energy cost targets for 2030, the elements of the program are being implemented throughout the country and aimed to make the technology and its implementation faster, easier and more affordable for American citizens. The initiative of US Ministry of Energy "SunShot Initiative" is a national program that takes into account the attempt to support the adaptation of solar energy technology by making solar energy available to all Americans through research and development in collaboration with public and private partners. The "SunShot" initiative funds joint researches, development, demonstration and implementation of the results of work of private companies, universities, state and local authorities, non-profit organizations and national laboratories in order to reduce the cost of solar energy. In 2011, when the "SunShot" program was initiated, the main purpose of it was to solve the problem of solar energy - to become competitive comparing to traditional sources of electricity by 2020, without subsidies.

Therefore, the following cost indicators were established:

0.07 USD per kW for commercial solar stations;

0.06 USD per kW for private solar stations;

In May 2016, within the framework of the "SunShot" program, a series of eight scientific researches was published, in which the progress of the program was highlighted. It was determined that in just five years of the program's implementation, the solar energy reached 70% of the progress to achieving the 2020 goals. That defines new goals, after 2020.

In November 2016, within the framework of the "SunShot" program, the future cost targets to be achieved by 2030 were announced:

0.04 USD per kW for commercial solar stations;

0.05 USD per kW for private solar stations;

These cost targets determine the next steps in the "SunShot" program. Namely, programs to stimulate the "solar" market of the country, as well as stimulation of the use of solar energy. As the cost of solar energy in the US is decreases, it means that more people and organizations can take advantage of the clean and affordable power that solar energy provides.

About organization. Structure.

The “SunShot” initiative is managed by the Solar Energy Division (SETO), and is also the main office in the Ministry of Energy of USA (DOE), which finances innovations in the field of solar energy.

Supervision is carried out by the Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy (EERE). The Director of "SunShot Initiative" is Charlie Gray.

The "SunShot" initiative consists of five sub-programs:


The Photovoltaics sub-program of "SunShot" works with industry, academies, national laboratories and other government agencies to promote solar photovoltaic energy.
This team supports research and development to intensively promote PV technology, increasing efficiency, power consumption, reliability and reducing production costs. The history of development of the “SunShot” program covers work at the early stages of solar cell researches through the commercialization of technologies, including work on materials, processes, device structure and characteristics.

Concentrating Solar Power

The “SunShot” sub-program for solar energy concentrating (CSP) supports the development of new CSP technologies that can help reduce costs, increase efficiency and provide more reliable production comparing with existing technologies. These projects demonstrate new concepts of technologies in the operation of collectors, receivers, thermal storage facilities, coolants and power cycle subsystems, as well as technologies that reduce the costs of operation and management. The CSP sub-program is the most interested in transformational concepts with the ability to overcome existing performance barriers, such as performance and temperature limitations.

Systems Integration

The “SunShot” System Integration sub-program ensure the widespread development of safe, reliable and cost-effective solar energy within the country's electricity network by elimination of associated technical problems and regulatory requirements. The System Integration Group focuses on research and development of cost-effective technologies and solutions that ensure the sustainable and coherent integration of hundreds of gigawatts of solar energy into the energy system.

Soft Costs

The "SunShot" Soft Costs sub-program is working on developing strategies and solutions that directly reduce costs and barriers to accessing and implementing solar energy systems. The sub-program supports leaders at the local level in developing innovative strategies and solutions that accelerate work, on the principle "cheaper and easier." The programs, funded by “SunShot”, create a network to support the development and dissemination of proven and effective programs that establish clear paths for the sustainable development of US technology programs.

Technology to Market

The technology of "SunShot" to promote the sub-programs of the market allows to transfer to the market new solar technologies and business models. The technology of entering to the market is aimed to two significant gaps in financing: financing of the development of commercial prototypes and financing of commercial expansion. The sub-program finances projects aimed to innovation in the field of solar energy, energy networks, technological indicators, supply chain and production. The sub-program also supports innovative development of the business platform.

Interesting information. The structure works and gives the results. In our opinion, the most relevant is work of the sub-program "Complementary costs", namely, strategies and solutions on the principle "cheaper and simpler".