years of experience

About the company

The engineering company IKNET has successful practical experience of implementing traditional and alternative energy projects.

In particular, it specializes in managing investment projects in the energy and industrial sectors such areas as:

Maintenance of metering systems

Forecasting of power generation
from SPPs and WPPs

Licensing, certifications,
obtaining tariffs

Optimization of enterprises'
electricity costs

Energy audit of existing
and prospective facilities

Organization of construction and
commissioning of facilities

Designing of energy

Designing of external
power supply orpower output
schemes for facilities

Technical due diligence
of energy facilities

Development of schemes for the
long-term development of various
Distribution System Operators

Performing technical and economic feasibility
studies for connection to the electric grids or
power output of facilities

Providing development services for
business development in the energy sector

Overall, in recent years, IKNET:

Connection of facilities to external power grids was implemented with a total capacity of

6000 MW +

Developed energy projects

540 +

Conducted technical due diligence

80 +

Forecasting of electricity generation is carried out for facilities with a total power

2200 MW +

The company's success is due to an complex approach to solving problems in the energy sector and constant monitoring of modern market trends.