Telemetry is the system for collection, processing and transmission of data on status of electric grid infrastructure used for its automatic and remote control; it is used on traditional power plants, substations, renewable energy power plants –solar, wind, biogas and biomass, etc.

IKNET offers services of project design and consulting for the implementation of telemetry systems.

The main components of a telemetry system are:

Remote Signaling (RS) – status and position of switching equipment and other elements of the electric facility.

Remote data collection (RDC) – gathering of measurements (current, tension, power, frequency, temperature etc.).

Remote control (RC) – remote control of switching equipment (switches, disconnectors, grounding blades).

The telemetry system is an integral part of the multi-level structure of an automated dispatch control system for technological processes:

  • Lower level: electrical equipment of a substation or of a (solar) power plant, which includes the primary data collection from measuring equipment, controlled from the Telemetry point; data transmission to upper level.
  • Upper level: DSO dispatching point with the operational information complex using specialized software and with the hardware for communication with Lower level telemetry point.

In Ukraine, various manufacturers of telemetry systems and software systems for dispatching control are widespread, including: ABB, OASU Energo, Mikronika, Strela, Energosvyaz, Granit, Loza, etc.

Requirements on telemetry organization of the Transmission system operator
According to the Transmission System Code, all new generating units and electrical installations of distribution / energy consumption (hereinafter referred to as the Users) operating synchronously in the UES of Ukraine (that is, those that were connected to the UES of Ukraine after the entry into force of this Code) must arrange for the continuous transmission of telemetry information to the TSO (NEC Ukrenergo).

At the same time, according to the requirements of section X "Information and technology management system and information exchange" of the Transmission System Code, SOU NEC 341.00:2019 "Requirements for wind and solar power plants operating in parallel with the unified energy system of Ukraine" and "Technical requirements for the setup of communication channels for the exchange of technological information between the transmission system operator and users of the transmission / distribution system": The user is required to create automated telemetry data collection and transmission systems to the TSO with two independent VPN channels in IEC 60870-5-104 protocol.

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