Letter of Reference, "LNK, LLC"

New Energy Technologies Engineering Company actively participated in realization of the Project "Construction of engineering complex with installed system of biogas collection for production of electricity located within administrative limits of Pidgirtsi Village Administration of Obukhov district, Kyiv region. SDW landfill No. 5".

IKNET executed the following activities in frames of the Project:

  • Project supervision concerning construction of the facility; its commissioning and putting into industrial operation;
  • Estimation of the tariff on production of power energy and preparation of all necessary documents in order to approve
    "green" tariff at the National Electricity Regulatory Commission of Ukraine (NERC).

As a result of the services provided with high quality were obtained:

  • Declaration on facility readiness for operation (1st stage – 885 kW);
  • NERC Decree on approving of "green" tariff for "LNK, LLC".

Director Vladimir Bannov


Letter of Reference, "TIS Eco, LLC"

TIS Eco Company collaborates with New Energy Technologies Engineering Company in frames of the Project "Construction of the biogas collection and utilization system at the Seaside landfill in Mariupol, Donetsk region" (hereinafter – the Project).

IKNET executed power energy inspection (energy audit) of the Project for ensuring the effective work of "TIS Eco, LLC" at the Wholesale Electricity Market (WEM) as the licensed producer, which carries out sale of power energy by "green" tariff.

As a result of the provided services was defined complex of measures necessary for further realization of the Project following
the next stages: execution of construction and installation works, licensing, alignment of automated system of commercial accounting of electricity (ASCAE) with requirements of WEM, "green" tariff calculations.

Director Tatiana Klimenko

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