Five solar power plants 925 kW each (Zhytomyr region)

Project description: construction of five solar power plants with a capacity of 925 kW each in the Mykolaivka village of the Novograd-Volynsky region of the Zhytomyr region.



Scope of IKNET:

  • a feasibility study of the power distribution scheme for five solar power plants with an installed capacity of 925 kW each in the Mykolaivka village, Novograd-Volynsky district, Zhytomyr region was carried out in order to analyze the possibility of generating capacity from solar power plants and develop power distribution schemes that comply with the current standards;
  • approved the feasibility study in JSC "Zhitomiroblenergo";
  • participation in obtaining technical specifications from Zhytomyroblenergo JSC;
  • participation in obtaining town planning conditions and restrictions;
  • development of the design of the technological part of SPP and outdoor switchgear 35 kV passing a comprehensive examination and obtaining positive expert opinions.