Wind power plant of 150 MW (Zaporizhia region)

Project description: performing calculations of repair and repair and emergency modes of operation of electrical networks 110/150 and higher, when implementing the connection of a wind power plant with a capacity of 150 MW, the construction of which is planned in the Berdyansk district of the Zaporizhya region.

Scope of IKNET:

  • assessment of the existing network and search for alternative options for power delivery;
  • search for a regulatory scheme for connecting WPP (technical specifications for connection issued in 2011 and the connection scheme does not comply with current standards);
  • implementation of detailed elaboration of the construction of the connection scheme with the gradual withdrawal of existing transmission lines for repair and minimization of possible disconnections of consumers;
  • calculation of the impact of wind power plants on the modes of operation of the electric network of UES of Ukraine, taking into account the requirements of NEC "Ukrenergo";
  • coordination of calculations with all necessary organizations.