Scheme of perspective development of the distribution system until 2030

Project description: implementation of the scheme of perspective development of the distribution system of 20 (35) kV and higher for the period from 2021 to 2030 of JSC DTEK Dniprovsky Elektromerezhi.


Scope of IKNET:

  • forecast of levels of electricity consumption and load for winter and summer for the period 2021-2030;
  • actual and prospective volumes of electricity generated by generating facilities have been determined;
  • analysis of the existing state of substations, the need to replace switching equipment, replace transformers;
  • calculation of the operating modes of the electrical network in normal and repair modes until 2030;
  • proposals for new construction, reconstruction, technical re-equipment were developed and substantiated, taking into account the requirements of the Dnipro energy system to maintain the level of operational safety;
  • forecast of the levels of technological consumption of electric energy;
  • calculation of short-circuit currents;
  • calculation and assessment of the need to install compensating devices at substations;
  • analysis of power and electricity balances;
  • assessment of investments required for the development and reconstruction of networks, ranking of objects by the period of implementation;
  • a diagram of electrical connections of 35-150 kV networks of normal mode in 2025 and 2030 was developed.