IKNET Company continuously monitors the new trends in the energy sector and is one of the few companies who are actively and successfully engaged in implementation of the innovative technologies in energy sector.

IKNET is engaged in a comprehensive implementation and application of the following types of energy-efficient and innovative technologies:



IKNET Company is the official Solar thermal systemdistributor of the STS in Ukraine.
The main purpose and design features
The solar system of the Italian production is represented in the European market as a unique and highly effective technology for:

  • heat generation (Turbocaldo, 7,5 kW);
  • combined production of electricity and heat (Trinum, 3 kW of heat energy and 1 kW of electric power).

This is possible due to the use of parabolic metal mirror disk which follows the sun, reflects and concentrates its rays for heat carrier.








The heat accumulator is an electric heater for accumulation of thermal energy with purpose of its further use.

Heat battery

Operation principle of the heat accumulator

An electric heater accumulates the thermal energy at night (when it is a low "night" tariff for electricity), and then during the day returns the heat due to the use of materials with high heat capacity.




Heating on different tariff

Heating on differentiated tariff.












LED profiles

Are an exclusive technology that allows producing lamps of arbitrary shapes and sizes using a combination of existing profiles. A profile is an aluminum structure for installation of the LED strip.

LED profilesLED profiles are used for lighting of the:
  • office space;
  • retail space (including illumination of the windows in shops);
  • commercial premises (banks, hotels, shops and so on.);
  • the individual elements of the interior (furniture, paintings, etc.);
  • logistics facilities;
  • other objects.

Using the new constructive LED technology in lighting opens new wide opportunities for the designers.



Intelligent lighting

Means use of modern technology to control the lighting system in order to increase energy efficiency and comfort of life.

Intelligent lighting


Illuminated mirrors

Application of the light pattern on any mirror surface using LED as a light source is the unique technology that allows:

  • To apply any picture in color (even photo picture);
  • To create a unique mirror products in a single copy;
  • To apply intelligent lighting technology to the system that controls mirrors lighting (motion sensor, etc.).

As a rule, energy efficient solutions (including use of the appropriate technologies at the enterprise) are aimed at energy saving and rational use of energy sources thereby achieving savings in consumption of thermal / electric energy.

The ultimate solution for implementation of energy efficient technologies should be defined by the concept of the project.

Individual technology or combination of different solutions for energy efficiency might be considered when developing the concept. Each technology has its own operation schedule. At the same time, each user has own operating modes and energy needs. Mainly, the ultimate solution is determined after the analysis of energy reception and delivery schedules and assessment of their overlapping.

An example of energy-efficient solution: Solar Thermal System (STS) and electric boiler station


Solar thermal system and electric bioler station

Using the STS allows collection of the thermal energy in an accumulation tank during the daytime. If there is a lack of solar activity during the day, the electric boiler provides heating of the heat carrier to a defined temperature during the night. At the same time electricity consumption is carried out on a night reduced rate.

Simple solutions for complex tasks