Today the industry of alternative energy in the world develops quite rapidly. One of the areas of alternative energy is wind power, which deals with the transformation of wind energy into electrical energy. Construction of wind installations in which although is low efficiency (20-35%) is considered quite promising direction in the world.

Establishing a low-powered windmill can be a good option for consumers who want to generate energy from clean energy sources.


With the horizontal rotation axis

With the horizontal rotation axis – is the most common type of windmills. In this type the leading shaft of the rotor is located horizontally relative to the ground. Wind-driven generator of this type has two or three blades that are installed on the top of the plant. Number of blades in the wheel of wind-driven generator varies from one to fifty. Wind-driven generators with many blades usually work at low speeds, unlike wind generators with few blades (two or three), which should rotate at high speed for the reach maximum wind flows that pass through the area of the rotor. In theory, the efficiency of the wind generator depends on the number of rotor blades, than more than better. But actually the wind wheel with a small number of blades have greater efficiency, because in this case the blades interfere with each other.

With the vertical axis of rotation

Wind-driven generators with the vertical axis of rotation in which the leading shaft of the rotor is located vertically. Power station with a vertical wind generator is more simple in the manufacture and installation. In this case is not required to focus on the wind direction, so the construction load is much less.


  • The blades
  • Nacelle
  • Tower
  • General frame.

Structural elements of wind power plants 

Every day more and more household consumers turn to renewable energy using. This enables them to ensure their homes by an independent source of energy, and get additional income from obtaining the 'green' tariff.

More detail about obtaining "green" tariff for electricity produced by wind power plantcan be found:

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