What is the fan blackouts? Causes of occurrence.

Fan blackouts –a temporary shutdown of power supply to consumers by energy company.
Most often, fan blackouts happen due to failures in the existing power grids, but can also occur when electricity generation capacity excess over.

Fan blackouts threaten Ukraine not only in winter, but in summer?

Reducing of power-generating coal production and supply, stopping several nuclear power units for repair, as well as increasing the average daily air temperature was observed in the whole territory of Ukraine in June, leading to the formation of generation capacity deficiency in the power system of the country and, consequently, to the appearance of fan blackouts.
It should be noted that due to the electricity shortage in the past year blackouts throughout Ukraine were observed.
In order to prevent the likelihood of fan blackouts Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine appealed to the population and enterprises of the country with a request for the rational use of electric energy and the maximum reduction of consumption during peak periods of the day.

How not to become a hostage of blackouts?

Providing  an autonomous power supply due the power breakout allows you to avoid the negative effects of fan blackouts, which are quite possible.
Let's consider, for example, the following devices providing an autonomous power supply:

  • rechargeable batteries with a voltage inverter;
  • diesel generators.


Rechargeable batteries

Lead-acid batteries use an electrolyte impregnated mats instead of the liquid electrolyte, and can stand up to 200 deep discharge cycles.
The main advantages over ordinary acid batteries are:

  1. Hermeticity and closed body (it is not necessary to refill the electrolyte).
  2. Absence of toxic gases (harmless indoors).
  3. Increased service life up to 10 years (practical in use).
  4. Reliable in operation (not afraid of deep discharge).

The only disadvantage of these batteries is the limited use of resources.
Optimal use of lead-acid batteries is achieved in conjunction with an inverter having a pure sine wave voltage, which maintains the desired voltage level in the case of the disappearance of the network voltage.

Advantages of the voltage inverter with the charger:

  1. Installation anywhere (different configuration mounts on the wall and on supports).
  2. Instant switching speed (10 ms).
  3. The minimum charge rate (as needed, work one bulb).

The estimated cost of installing batteries with inverters that provide autonomous power supply for 2.5 hours is $ 175 700 for 100 kW ($2 945 for 5 kW).

Diesel generators

Diesel generator – the generator set capable of providing reserve power, which is necessary for normal consumer functioning.
Diesel generator advantages:

  1. Considerable service life (can be used for a very long time by the connected load of 50 to 75% of the nominal value).
  2. Different output power (extends the range of applications).
  3. Easy to service, readily available fuel.
  4. Mobility and speed of start-up.
  5. Reliable in the application (with proper maintenance).


  1. High level of noise (needs a special placement).
  2. Necessity of refueling (requires service personnel).
  3. Significant fuel costs.
  4. The presence of harmful emissions.

The estimated cost of installing a 100 kW diesel generator is $ 22 390.

The equipment is not cheap, but it's up to you. Good, if a sudden power breakout threatens only unsaved files in the computer and the inability to prepare a meal, but the human lives could be at stake.

At the same time, we should not discount the possibility of construction of generating facilities operating on the inexhaustible sources of energy, such as solar and wind power plants, which are also able to ensure the autonomy of your power supply.

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