Biogas is a gas that mainly consists of methane (CH4) which is produced from biomass. It should be noted that various kinds of biomass (in particular the various household and industrial wastes of organic origin) could be used for biogas production. The main method for the biogas production is an anaerobic fermentation of the biomass. The method of biogas production clearly determines the set of main equipment that should be installed at the biogas plant; should there be installed the anaerobic digestion reactor with cogeneration unit, or just a cogeneration unit would be sufficient.advantages of the construction of biogas plants

Construction of the biogas plant ensures:

  • addressing of the waste management problems (saving capital costs because in such case there is no need for construction of the sewage treatment plant);
  • reducing methane emissions (reduction of the environmental pollution);
  • heat and power generation (an additional source of energy);
  • bio-methane (bio-ethanol) production;
  • creation of the new jobs;
  • obtaining a permanent source of income (at condition of the proper sales arrangement and utilization of all the raw products at the biogas plant).
Nowadays when development of the agriculture (crops and livestock) sector is in trend and volumes of the waste in big cities increase every day construction of the biogas plants in Ukraine is very relevant and cost-effective.
A number of laws aimed at the development of the biogas industry have been adopted at the state level. In particular, the "green" tariff for electricity sale produced by the biogas plant has been set. More details on construction of the biogas plants
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