Today, renewable energy sources are developing very dynamically, and play extremely important role in the energy sector of many countries all over the world.
In the EU countries 20 out of 27 countries apply the "green" tariffs as the main and most effective tool of stimulating the development of alternative energy already.
Ukraine is one of 20 countries, which apply "green" tariffs for stimulate the production of electricity from renewable sources of energy and achieving energy independence.
Moreover, in accordance with the current legislation foreseen a number of privileges and advantages for producers of electricity from alternative energy sources in Ukraine:
•    Machinery and equipment imported into the territory of Ukraine within the framework of alternative energy projects are exempt from import duty.
•    The whole volume of electricity produced from alternative energy sources guaranteed repurchased the Wholesale Electricity Market (WEM).
•    For investors protection from inflation risks exist "green" tariff pegging to the Euro rate.
•    Subject to the application of Ukrainian production equipment at the power facility, which will provide the generation of alternative energy sources is provided the "green" tariff allowance in the amount from 5 to 10%. 
The program of allowance will be provided until 2025. 

Про основні переваги впровадження проектів альтернативної енергетики в Україні.

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