Currently, interruptions are frequent within the traditional charts of electricity and heat supply. As a result, there is a need to equip own homes with additional reliable source of electricity or heating.

Various technologies ensuring additional supply to the houses have been introduced during the period of development of the electric and thermal power filed. Including alternative power and heat supply which has also become indispensable.

As it is well known, an alternative energy source (AES) is a reliable, independent and infinite source. Unlike the conventional sources of electricity and thermal energy (e.g. gas, coal and other fuels) the alternative ones are non-polluting and inexhaustible. In addition, AES can bring you extra income in the case of electricity sale produced by solar or wind power plants (SPP or WPP) to the power grid.

Here is an example of several technologies that can be used:


•    SPP (with 30 kW capacity):

with the help of photovoltaic panel made of PV modules, the solar energy is converted into electrical energy without harming the environment. Such panels work quietly and have a long operational lifetime.

•    WPP (with 30 kW capacity):

with the help of wind generators, the wind flow energy is converted into electrical energy without harming the environment. Such windmills require a little space for installation. The disadvantage of the facility is that it is noisy. The wind flow is not always stable which in turn affects the electricity output.

•    Small "hybrid" power systems:

Hybrid power system

combine both solar and wind power.


•    Helio-collectors (solar thermal collectors):

Alternative heat supply

absorb solar energy from the sun and convert it to heat, which is transferred to the coolant (liquid or air). The system works automatically and does not require frequent surveillance and inspection. Gas, coal or any other conventional fuel is not used for helio-collectors, therefore they are completely safe from explosion and fire.

•    Heat pumps:

Alternative heat supply

compact, economical and environmentally friendly installations that can generate heat from geothermal sources (heat from soil or groundwater) and air. The downside is their cost.

•    Solid fuel boilers:

Alternative heat supply

the principle of operation is combustion of the solid fuel and generation of heat. Such heaters have several advantages: they do not require additional power supply; purchasing of the raw materials is not a problem; they are environmentally safer than gas and diesel; high efficiency. These units also have weak points: the need for frequent loading of the solid fuel boiler and the need to ensure appropriate conditions for its storage.


Alternative power  and heat supply

Depending on the needs of private house, the alternative technologies should be used in combination or singly.

To ensure the own needs in the electricity supply: small "hybrid" power system could be a perfect option for you; they would be more effective than individual small power plants as wind and solar activity may occur at different times of the day.

To ensure the own needs in heat could be used helio-collector, solid fuel boiler or heat pump.

If you want to completely abandon the conventional electricity and heat, you can use any of these technologies. The combination of solid fuel boilers with helio-collector ensures generation of the hot water and heating during warmer months and sunny cold days. With installation of the heat pump you could fully cover the costs of heating and hot water. Whereas the heat pump is running on mains, the source of its energy could be wind, solar or small "hybrid" power plant, which allows you to combine the systems and thereby abandon the conventional power supply.

In order to obtain additional income you should install wind or solar power plant and sell the excess of generated electricity to the grid by the "green" tariff.

You can combine different systems as it would be suitable for you. The main thing is to do it properly and advisedly.

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