Review of Raiffeisen Bank Aval JSC

ICNET jointly with Raiffeisen Bank Aval JSC developed a financing program for alternative energy projects. As part of this program, IKNET LLC performed a technical and economic analysis of alternative energy projects and provided an expert assessment to the Bank regarding possible project financing risks. IKNET specialists, as technical consultants, were engaged by the Bank in field seminars held in various cities of Ukraine, with the aim of providing explanations to potential business owners about possible nuances and risks related to the implementation of alternative energy projects. Based on the results of quality services provided, the Bank recommended IKNET as a reliable and qualified consultant.

Head of Corporate Projects and Partnership Development M.A. Volkov

Review of "Industrial Park Myrotske" LLC

IKNET was provided with information and consulting services regarding the comprehensive support of the SPP construction project, namely: organization and control of the preparatory stage of the implementation of the SPP construction project; technical control of design solutions developed by subcontractors for compliance with regulatory requirements and optimization of capital investments at SES. IKNET also carried out design work on the SES power output scheme, taking into account the requirements for an automated system of commercial electric energy accounting. As a result of high-quality services and completed works, a resolution of the NCRECP was obtained on the approval of the "green" tariff for "Industrial Park Myrotske" LLC.

Director S.V. Hermann

Review of "LNK" LLC

IKNET carried out the following works under the project: IKNET took an active part in the implementation of the project "Construction of a complex engineering structure with a biogas collection system of a landfill for solid household waste for the production of electricity, located within the administrative boundaries of the Pidigir village council of the Obukhiv district of the Kyiv region landfill No. 5." support of the project in terms of the construction of the object and its introduction into industrial operation; calculation of the tariff for electricity production and preparation of relevant materials for the approval of the "green" tariff at the National Commission for State Energy Regulation (NCRE). As a result of high-quality services provided: a declaration on the facility's readiness for operation (Phase I - 885 kW); resolution of the National Energy Regulatory Commission on the approval of the "green" tariff for "LNK" LLC.

Director V.E. Bannov

Review of "TIS Eco" LLC

"TIS Eco" cooperates with IKNET in the framework of the project "Construction of a biogas collection and utilization system at the Primorsky solid waste landfill in the city of Mariupol, Donetsk region" (hereinafter - the Project). IKNET conducted an energy survey (energy audit) of the Project for the effective operation of "TIS Eco" on the Wholesale Market (ORE) as a licensed electricity producer, selling at a "green" tariff. Based on the results of the services provided, a set of measures necessary for the further implementation of the Project was determined by stages: execution of construction and installation works, licensing, bringing the automated system of commercial electricity accounting (ASCOE) to the requirements of the Wholesale Market (ORE), calculation of the "green" tariff.

Director T.M. Klymenko


In accordance with the concluded contract, the specialists of "ICNET" LLC performed the work "Technical and economic substantiation of the power supply scheme of the SPP "Bohuslav" with a capacity of 42 MW in the Boguslav district of the Kyiv region." In the mentioned work, a detailed study of options for outputting the power of a new photovoltaic station was carried out, with the determination of the most optimal option in terms of all technical and economic indicators. The technical and economic feasibility study was carried out in compliance with all requirements and is characterized by high quality, in connection with which the approvals of the Central Energy System of NEC "Ukrenergo" and PJSC "A.E.S. Kyivoblenergo" were received. The technical conditions for the connection of the "Bohuslav" SPP to the electrical networks of PJSC "A.E.S. Kyivoblenergo" were also received. "EKOTEHNIK UKRAINE" LLC is grateful for the high-quality services provided and hopes for future cooperation.

Director Yu.P. Dyachuk

Feedback LLC "Energy"

On the order of "Energia" LLC, specialists of "ICNET" LLC developed a business model for the construction of a solar power plant (SPP) with a capacity of 10 MW in the Cherkasy region. The work was carried out with the aim of attracting foreign investors for the implementation of the SPP construction project. The main requirement for the performance of this work was the determination of all project indicators, taking into account the new changes to the legislation on the "green" tariff, which have just entered into force. Thus, the work has solved all the tasks, namely: defined conditions for project implementation in accordance with the updated legislation on the "green" tariff, taking into account the new requirements for the local component for SES; considered sales markets for electric energy produced by SPPs, as well as corresponding guarantees; considered working conditions of producers of electricity from alternative sources on the Wholesale market; the projected financial and economic indicators of the project are determined, taking into account certain risks. It should be noted the professionalism of "IKNET" LLC specialists during the performance of this work, related to the presentation a clear explanation of the new order on the market of producers of electric energy from alternative sources.

Director I.A. Sirman

Review of Sunline St LLC

Near the village "SANLINE ST" LLC plans to build a 7 MW solar power plant "Verkhniatka FES" in Verkhnyachka, Khrystynivskyi district, Cherkasy region. In accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine, LLC "ICNET" developed a feasibility study "Scheme for issuing the power of a 7 MW solar power plant near the village of Verkhnyachka, Khrystynivskyi district, Cherkasy region" (hereinafter - the feasibility study). The specified feasibility study was approved by PJSC "Cherkasioblenergo", as well as in the Dnipro and Central electric power systems of NEC "Ukrenergo". In accordance with the option of connecting the FES to the electric networks agreed in the feasibility study, it was received from PJSC "Cherkasioblenrego" Technical conditions for connection to electrical networks. The specified Technical Conditions were agreed upon by the Dnipro and Central Power Systems of NEC "Ukrenergo".

Director Yu.L. Gnatyuk

Feedback LLC "Triumph"

LLC "Triumph" acts as a customer for the construction of an agro-industrial complex for the storage and processing of agricultural products (hereinafter - agricultural industry) in the village of V. Dymerka of the Kyiv region, which is expected to be commissioned in 2013. IKNET LLC, within the framework of this project, carried out work on the construction of an external power supply scheme for the agricultural sector, namely: development and approval of the working project of the external power supply scheme with all interested organizations, including obtaining a technical decision at Kyivoblenergo NPP PJSC; construction of an electrical substation with a voltage of 35/10 kV with two power transformers with a capacity of 2x4.0 MVA; construction of the existing 35 kV power line on the 35 kV substation of the new 35/10 kV substation; commissioning of a new 35/10 kV substation. It should be noted that the entire complex of works by IKNET LLC was carried out with high quality and in a fairly short period of time - during June-November 2012.

Director V.P. Litvin

Feedback LLC "Energy"

"Energia" LLC is implementing a project to build a 9.8 MW solar power plant in the Shpolyansk district of the Cherkasy region. "ICNET" LLC, as part of the contract with "Energia" LLC, performed the pre-project work "Technical and economic substantiation of the solar power plant output scheme near the 110/35/10 kV Orion substation in the Shpolyansk district of the Cherkasy region", as well as the working project "Scheme output power of the 9.8 MW solar power plant in the Shpolyansk district of the Cherkasy region" in the following composition: Reconstruction of the existing 110/35/10 kV "Orion" substation; Construction of 35 kV "Orion" power transmission line - SPP "Energia"; Construction of 10/35 kV SES "Energia" substation. The works performed by IKNET LLC were completed within the time limit set by the contract at a high technical and professional level.

Acting director of "Energia" LLC O.M. Moiseev