Since 2019, any legal entity can become member of the Electricity market and participate in the sale and purchase of electricity.

IKNET offers services of acquiring the membership in the electricity market (producer, supplier, consumer etc.) and provides the complete follow-up of market member activity.

Participants of the Market:

Electricity producer – any business entity with a license for electricity generation.

Electricity supplier – any business entity with a license for electricity supply; supplies electricity to consumers under a supply contract.

Trader – any business entity with a license for electricity trading; carries out the purchase of electricity exclusively for the purpose of its resale, except for sale under a contract of electricity supply to the consumer.

Transmission system operator (TSO) – entity responsible for operation, dispatching, maintenance, development of the transmission system and interstate power transmission lines. NEC Ukrenergo as the holder of electricity transmission license is the TSO.

Distribution system operator (DSO) – entity responsible for the safe, reliable and efficient operation, maintenance and development of the distribution grids. Every region of Ukraine has its own DSO called Oblenergo.

Market operator – newly created State Enterprise "Marked operator" that ensures the functioning of the day-ahead and intraday market as well as the organization of purchase and sale of electricity in these markets.

Guaranteed buyer – newly created State Enterprise "Guaranteed buyer" that buys electricity from producers who have a green tariff.

Consumer – purchases electricity for own consumption.

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