As you know, wind power it is one of the branches of ecologically clean power engineering. Every day more and more conscious consumers wish to move to the electricity production from alternative energy sources (AES), thus helping to the environment. Despite the fact that the electricity production from AES requires considerable funds, consumers still want to become energy independent from local power grids. This contribution in your energy independence will allow to save on electricity from total electric power supply and even will give ability earn on excess of produced electricity by selling it to electric network on "green" tariff. So it is worth to think about installing wind power plant in your private household.

What are the producers of wind installations for today in the world? First of all, is there Ukrainian producers?

The known producing countries of wind installations are United Kingdom, Finland, Belgium, Netherlands and Germany. For example, we will present several companies, such as: Fortis Wind Energy with a power range of wind installations from 1,4 kW to 10 kW, Fairwind – from 5 kW to 50 kW, Queitrevolution – 7 kW, Fuhrlander – to 3 MW.

Among the Ukrainian producers that deserve to attention is the company "Onipko Group". Together with scientists of Ukrainian Academy of Sciences they have developed a technology effective use of wind energy, which has received the highest award the "Green Oscar" at the international contest of renewable energy in Germany.

The developers claim thanks to wind installation "Rotor Onipko" it is possible to provide town houses and private homes with electric energy, thus effectively using the roof space. And carry out this technology on "green" tariff it is possible also to get additional profit.

Onipko Group

Constructively wind installation can be made from metal, plastic or composite. The feature of it work is the low noise level, so it can be used near the people location or residence. Unlike traditional wind turbines wind installations use not only the effect of wing lift and energy but they use also wind pressure. Installation can be operated at wind speeds from 0,3 to 20 m/s.

For now has been designed a line of generating capacity in range from 0.05 kW to 10 kW.

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